Tuesday, October 23, 2012

No friends/enemies while playing Counter-Strike 1.6 Help

Yesterday i downloaded Counter-Strike 1.6. It installed correctly but when i started to play, i figured that no one else is playing except me. I tried to add bots with "bot_add_ct 2" but it didn't work. Now What Should i do??

Follow these steps to get bots
to play with. I checked every website and blog and finally figured it out.

If you haven't downloaded Counter-Strike 1.6 then go to this article, follow the steps and download the game..

Instructions :-

1. Open google search and write "counter strike 1.6 zbot free download".

2. Many game websites provide ZBOTS. It is a bot installer program.

3. A zip file will be downloaded. Extract the files to a folder. Now Copy and paste the extracted files to "C:\Program Files\Valve\cstrike".

4. The folder "cstrike" should already have some files similar to the extracted ones, so replace them with the extracted files.

5. Now you have zbots installed and ready to play with.

6. Open Counter-Strike 1.6>>New Game>> Chose map>>OK. When the game strats, press "H". A menu of zbots will open at left side of screen, add quick zbot. It will automatically divide bots to both CT and T team. The game will now commence and then restart. Now you can play with bots.


If you discover any mistake in my blog, please report it by comments..
Thank you..


  1. It doesn't work for me

  2. At the commencement of every round, you have to buy weapons and eliminate the enemies. Your team gets money by winning the rounds or from frags. You will be the winner if you can eliminate the players of the other team. The winners are judged by another situation, which goes like- terrorists will win if they successfully plant the bomb and explode it while the counter terrorists will win the game if they manage to capture all the hostages. clash of clans hack android


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